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Hyper Monster Truck X Information (HB-MTXE) Information


  • Hobby Wing 150A ESC/ 4S~6S / Pair XT90 connectors/ Cooling fan/ Program card
  • Motor: Brushless/ 2000KV/ 4 poles/ Outer Diameter 40mm/ Shaft Diameter 5mm
  • Servo: 32Kg-cm, 7.4V High Torque & High speed / Coreless Digital / Waterproof
  • Radio: 3-channel 2.4GHz FHSS with dual rate steering and throttle


  • Chassis: Havey duty alum 7075 monocoque chassis frame
  • Ball Bearings: Full set included
  • All metal transmission gears
  • Drive: AWD, Heavy duty driveshaft
  • Front & Rear Differentials: Steel bevel gear/ Anti-leakage differential housing/ Hardened steel cups
    ※ Alum differential housing option: OP-0148
  • Center Differential: Steel bevel gear/ Alum anti-leakage differential housing
  • Pinion and Ring Gear: 9T/ 29T (MOD 1)
  • Spur Gear: 36T (MOD 1)
  • Motor Gear: 15T (MOD 1)
  • Motor Mount: adjustable
  • New Shocks
    ※ Oil-filled 17mm big bore and long stroke, 4mm diameter shafts
    ※ Height adjustable shock spring perches
    ※ New shock piston with 3 x 1.6mm holes / configure option OP-0135 /new top end and rod end strengthen the shock sustainability
    ※ shock shaft: special surface treatment improves the shock performance
  • Suspension: reinforced composite lower arms
  • Front/Rear high torque universal joints with differential outdrive cups
  • New servo saver & Steering rack & Hard spring
  • New shock top cap protector with body post
  • Alum wheel hub and nuts
    ※ 17mm Hex/ Alum anti-loose wheel nut
    ※ Wheel Nut option: OP-0090OP-0091OP-0092
  • New front and rear shock tower brace
  • New center roll bar with wire pass through
  • New alum shocks stiffener plate
  • Battery Holders: Large capacity box with quick release design
  • Motor Heatsink with Fan
  • Body: 1/8 scale painted
  • Tyres: Monster Truck Tyres
  • Wheels: 6 spoke monster wheels, Grey, 17mm Hex


  • LiPo batteries with pair XT90 plug connector
  • Battery Charger
  • AA Batteries for Transmitter (4)