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New 1/8 Hyper GT2 On-Road Nitro ARR




  • CNC Alumimum 7075 and Hard Anodized Parts 

All Turnbuckles/ All Balls/ Pivot Balls /Rear Hubs /Steering Racks 

  • Chassis:

3mm lightweight hard anodized aluminum 

+5 degrees of caster angle

  • Rear Suspension Mount length +4mm, Rear Wheel Hubs length +2mm. Offset total +4mm each side, more stable at high speed.
  • Front Suspension Mount has more holes for lower arms to change the roll centre setup.
  • Drive: 4WD drivetrain 
  • Hardened steel center driveshaft
  • Front and rear universal driveshaft
  • 17mm rear wheels hub (Length +2mm) 
  • Anti-loose wheel nut
  • Hardened steel drive cup  
  • Differential:

Bevel gear type

Front differential filled with 500,000 silicone oil

Rear differential filled with 50,000 silicone oil  

  • New anti-leakage differential housing 
  • Hardened steel lightweight cup
  • 2 speed transmission :

44T and 48T spur gear (MOD 1, plastic gear)

15T/ 19T 2-Speed pinion gear (MOD 1, hardened steel gear)

  • Clutch : New CNC aluminum clutch shoe / 1.1mm clutch spring 
  • Dual Brake and Linkage
  • 35mm Lightweight Flywheel
  • Adjustable Engine Mount 
  • Optimized Fuel Tank with Filter, Capacity: 150cc 
  • Carbon Fiber Servo Tray and Differential Top Plate 
  • CNC Aluminum Rear Hub 
  • New CNC Aluminum Front Top Plate   
  • Ball Bearing: Full set included
  • Shock Absorber :

Adjustable metal shock absorber

Oil-filled 17mm big bore shock with #600 silicone oil and ring nut can be adjusted to change the hardness of spring

4mm diameter shaft

  • Shock Tower:
New 4mm thick CNC aluminum front and rear tower
Tower plate with multiple holes for fixing the shock absorbers to change the setup
  • Suspension: 
Front and rear adjustable sway bar
Front PBS, reinforced composite upper arms and lower arms
Front lower with droop screw
Adjustable roll centre of front lower arms and front upper arms 
  • Extra Battery Box
  • Caster: Adjustable
  • Camber: Adjustable