Hyper 8SC


CNC Clutch Shoe


Part Number: 86121                                                    

Clutch Spring For #86121 (5pcs)


Part Number: 86122 

Dustproof Wheel Hub


Part Number: 87230B - Black (4pcs)

             87230BU - Blue (4pcs)

             87230H - Hard Coating (4pcs)

             87230P - Purple (4pcs) 

Light Weight Flywheel


Part Number: 88226

Light Weight Clutch Bell


Part Number: 88255 - 12T

             88231 - 13T

             88232 - 14T

             88233 - 15T

Graphite Radio Tray


Part Number: 89049

Performance Brake Pad


Part Number: 89085

Light Weight Engine Mount - 20 Degree


Part Number: 89118 

One Piece Shock Cap (4pcs)


Part Number: 89131


Note: #89130 One Piece Shock Cap Set includes #89131, #89132 & #89133 

Rubber Gasket & Alum Washer


Part Number: 89132 

Steel Ball End (4pcs)


Part Number: 89133 

Aluminum Front Upper Arm Holder


Part Number: 89134

Gear Box Dustproof Silicon Tube


Part Number: 89146 

CNC Alum 7075 Rear Wheel Hub


Part Number: 89147

CNC Alum Adjustable Shock Ring - 20mm


Part Number: 89148 

Ceramic Brake Pad


Part Number: 89160 

CNC Alum 7075 Front Steering Knuckle


Part Number: 89520 

The High Flow Air Filter Hose features a large "store room" in the mid section of the body. The design helps to improve the throttle response since now air-intake is much closer.


Part Number: 89653