Hyper ST
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The Hyper ST Truggy is our entry into the exciting class of Truggy racing and blend of buggy and truck resulting in machines that are fast and yet easy to handle. Our ST chassis is the result of many months development both on the computer and track. Having seen a number of truggies hit the scene before our own we were able to gauge public opinion and what they wanted in a truggy, the culmination being the Hyper ST Truggy. The ST was designed from the ground up and only shares a handful of parts from the Hyper 7 range. This is a true Truggy in every sense and is already setting standards for the class.


Three versions are available:

HBM7-ST: Hyper ST RTR Truggy

HBM7-TP: Hyper ST Pro Kit Truggy

HBM7-TPR: Hyper ST Pro RTR Truggy





Integrated Shock Towers (RTR)


Don't be fooled by the molded shock towers. These provide invaluable strength as they are integrated into the rear and front chassis sections for maximum strength and zero flex.

Radio (RTR)


Factory installed radio includes 9 kg steering servo and aluminum steering arm.

Braces (Pro)


CNC aluminium chassis braces and center diff brace, protect chassis and drivetrain from excessive flex.

Drive (Pro)


Center universal driveshaft couplings, along with front and rear transmit the power to all four corners.

Towers (Pro)


The Pro comes standard with CNC anodized alloy shock towers for zero flex and maximum strength.

Wheels and Tires


Supersize, low profile racing 6 spoke wheels and dogbone tread tires provide ultimate handling, drive and style.

Shock Absorbers


High capacity, heavy duty, extra large 14mm shock absorbers with coated shock bodies provide the damping on the ST Truggy.



Long throw suspension arms, anti-roll bars, turnbuckles.





Glow plug

Glow ignitor

Nitro fuel

Batteries for radio system




TRACK(F/R) 405MM / 415MM