28 Engine
Hyper 28 (***Discontinued***)
  DOWNLOAD Hyper 28 Engine (HoBao 2016).pdf Hyper 28 Engine (HoBao Pre-2015).pdf Hyper 28 Engine (OFNA).pdf

Designed primarily for the rigors of 1/8th truggy & trucks, this new Hyper 28 is an upgrade on the Macstar 28 and features a new revised 3-port piston and liner for improved low end torque, something that most drivers desire when powering heavier and larger vehicles. In addition a new larger heatsink head, head button, crankcase and shaft.

Available with or without pull start the Hyper 28 and with cost effective pricing, it is the ideal choice for your monster truck or truggy.

Part Number: H-2811 (w/o pull start)

             H-2812 (w/ pull start)

             H-2811T (turbo w/o pull start)

             H-2812T (turbo w/ pull start)